We are looking for young, motivated people with a passion for digital

twocream is a small but fine internet agency located in the heart of Wuppertal. We create websites for large, international customers, shops for successful e-commerce and PIM systems for sustainable, media-neutral data management. And since we are constantly growing, we need committed young talent to accompany us through this growth.
Right from the start, you will work on real projects in a young team. Sometimes your work will demand everything your head has to offer.
But in return you will receive excellent training.

All of our trainees are then sought-after workers on the job market. But hand auf´s heart: We prefer to take our trainees on a permanent contract.

With stamps and seals

Our trainees always close far from the front.
In 2012 the praise even came in writing.

Anyone familiar with the Federal Youth Games knows:
There is nothing better than the certificate of honor.

We have received this and because we are proud of this here comes the original text:
In recognition of outstanding training services for the statutory audit in the summer of 2012 in the profession of media designer digital and print the Commerce and Industry chamber Wuppertal-Solingen-Remscheid awards this certificate of honor. Tätääää.

Content of training

What will happen to you when you start an apprenticeship with us?
Quite simply: You learn everything that makes up your profession. And you have a competent and collegial team at your disposal to turn to at any time.

At the heart of your training is the learning of various markup languages such as HTML/CSS and programming languages such as JavaScript and PHP. You will learn this at the highest level according to our well-known customers and apply it to real projects right from the start. For this it is not enough to master the programming languages! We would like to show you how to implement customized information and communication solutions and how to use the most efficient and secure way. The sensible creation of database schemata is just as much a part of your job as the sensitization of your work in the areas of code performance, code security, process security and effective testing. With the e-commerce platform "Shopware", the PIM/DAM/CMS platform "pimcore" and other powerful frameworks you will successfully implement complete projects together with the team.

In short, you'll learn everything you need for your future career. And you will gain additional skills that will make you something very special.

Make something of your talent, show it to us!

You possess the most important thing for a successful career: Talent and curiosity. We do not expect professionals, because after all you still do the training with us. Nevertheless, you should have already done something in this area to know what programming means. Perhaps you have programmed a few smaller applications at school or home and thus know the appeals and perils of the digital world.
Then you are in the exact right place.

Send us your application with the keyword "Junior-Developer"!

They only want to play!

Your future colleagues in programming. The team consists of young programmers, although one or the other "old" rabbit belongs to us for many years.

That's what Lucas says about his apprenticeship:

Since 2013 until 2015 Lucas made here an apprenticeship at twocream as an IT specialist. This is what he says about it:
"After graduating from high school, I first studied business mathematics. But the studies were too unreal for me. That's why I decided to do an apprenticeship and I haven't regretted a moment of this decision.

From 2013 to 2015 I completed my training as an IT specialist at twocream and that was right: Drilling thick boards for my daily tasks brought great progress in learning. And when things didn't work out that way, the colleagues were there to help and advise.

Another important factor: "The working atmosphere is not in my throat, I enjoy going to work in the morning and home in the evening with the good feeling".

Your working place

You are among like-minded people. The paths to all colleagues are short and if you have any questions, someone is always available.

The location Wuppertal

Finding Munich or Berlin beautiful is easy. Finding Wuppertal beautiful requires a strong will. Or you discover the rough and sometimes hidden charm of the bergisch capital.

Wuppertal is a university town, has a college scene and a strong club culture. Club visitor form all of NRW are attracted by nightclubs such as the U-Club, Butan or the Bloom Club. To compensate work Wuppertal offers a lot of sporting activities. Mountain bikers will find a fantastic area in the mountains of Wuppertal. Swimmers have a swimming training center in Wuppertal and the tough ones visit the year-round opened open air bath Neuenhof. Almost all sports are covered in Wuppertal by numerous clubs.

You need an apartment or shared apartment?
Even then, you are right in Wuppertal, because there are low-cost housing in the city or in the countryside.

And if still, you are getting tired of Wuppertal by the time, you are in a very short time distance to a metropolis of your choice. In less than 45 minutes you can reach Dusseldorf , Cologne and Essen. No matter where it drags you , Wuppertal enjoys a central location!

Your application

So that we can get a picture of you, please send us your application. Shortly introduce yourself, who you are and what you do. And above all, convince us why your are the right one for this job.

Send us your application with photograph by e-mail as a PDF file (please no documents by post).
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We look forward to receiving your application.