Create and share content for the webiste by yourself with enxinia®

All web specific contents are saved in a comfortable Content-Management-System and can be shared with other countries. The CMS we developed is easy to handle and contains all features that make maintaining content to the website as comfortable as possible. By the way, all contents automatically adapt to the customer's design.

The masterweb

All web specific content (content that is neither deposited in an ERP system nor in a catalogue system) is added in the masterweb wether text, images, videos or technical drawings. 

This content can not only be made available to all countries but can also be shared. If the Website does already exist in Germany, France and Italy the Swiss Website can easily be created from these sites via CMS. In the process the links to the original sites can be selectively preserved and capped.

Focusing on the content

Defined styles take over the design so that one can concentrate on creating the content.
Instead of fixed template sites the webpages are built in template blocks via CMS.

Frontend editing

Work on the website takes place in the website itself.
Thanks to enxinia® one can insert or change texts and images where they are shown.  Authenticated users simply click on the content they want to edit, and edit it in the frontend.

At home on every display

Whether desktop computer or mobile device, whether tablet PC or smartphone enxinia® adapts to the output device and provides an optimal output.
The contents of the main website are adapted in size, presentation and user guide on the mobile devices and are easily available for everyone on the go. So you do not have to maintain and edit each web individually, but do it all in one step.

Flexible modular system

Individual webpages can be build in the company's corporate design, which adapt to the respective content, not vice versa. One simply adds the appropriate block and complements the content. Recurring arrangements of blocks are saved as a template. So one can create new pages with a similar layout very efficiently.
Webspecific content is available in minutes and can be shared with other countries.

Image and text editing

Images and texts can not be placed faster on the website. Images can easily be uploaded to the backend.
You crop, rotate and resize them. All in one step.

Texts are edited directly in the frontend. Bold, underline or italics - formatting and links are immediately created in the text module. Translations are accessible and can be edited immediately, without changing the language.
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internat. websitemanagement

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