So it fits: Photography of selected
products included.

twocream took ambiance images in the best possible way for the homepage. Whether products from the bath or quality cutlery, we have moved all products in the proper light. The pictures were made in our inhouse photostudio and also edited by us. This is how we guarantee that the motive and the completion fits to the concept and design of the website.
  • Ambiance images
  • Product images
  • Retouching

Ambiance photography with products

We took pictures of the Pfeilring products in ambiance for the website. The user can firstly get inspired before gaining detailed information of special products. Those pictures serve as initial screens for the different areas of the website:
• Manicure & Pedicure
• Shave
• Cutlery
• Beauty

Product photography

A product portfolio can hardly be different. Individual products or entire cases, through many years of experience, we were able to preserve uniformity in the resulting images. Documented lighting and camera settings make it possible to photograph more products in the style of the previous product portfolio even after months.