Seeger. Modern service company in the medical supplies business.

With more than 60 medical supply stores in Berlin and Brandenburg, the owner-managed company Seeger is one of the leading companies in the field of medical and therapeutic aids.
Seeger uses shopware as a front-end tool and Pimcore as a PIM/MDM and DAM system.
twocream received the order for the realization of the project with technical conception, development and implementation.

Seeger website
  • Use of the Shopware shop system
  • Use of the PIM/MDM and DAM system Pimcore

New basis

The aging Seeger website needed a comprehensive relaunch. A modern system was sought that could score points with extensive options for the design of content elements and that would allow for easy expansion in the area of e-commerce. In addition, Seeger attached great importance to the connection to other systems such as ERP and PIM in order to reduce the effort of content maintenance while improving quality at the same time.

The Berlin agency Bogun Dunkelau was responsible for the concept, UX and design.

Reduction of effort and work

The high effort of manual maintenance had to be reduced significantly. The reduction did not only concern the double maintenance of content, time-dependent content such as appointments should be automated and thus controlled more reliably. The same applied to the preparation and allocation of image data.

Teamwork with the design/lead agency in Berlin

twocream received the order for the realization of the project with technical conception, development and implementation. Our team created different data models in Pimcore for various specific requirements.
The Berlin agency BOGUN DUNKELAU was responsible for the UX concept and design.

Modernisation of the system architecture

It was not so much the amount of products as the specific content of the website that needed structure. Even content such as events with dates and glossary could be perfectly mapped in Pimcore and easily and reliably exported to the website. Managing the information in Pimcore reduces the maintenance effort and the error rate considerably.

By implementing the website with shopware, Seeger is consistently pursuing the modernisation and simplification of the system architecture. In the gradual implementation, Shopware will be used in the first step as a front-end system for the website, later as a shop system for e-commerce.

Pimcore is Seeger's new information base and reliably contains all information. As a PIM/DAM system, Pimcore therefore plays an essential and extensive role in the system architecture.