Apps for professional application

twocream develops professional apps for different devices. We design and program the App so that it fits perfectly to the mobile device no matter if this is a smartphone or tablet, iOs or Android. That is how we ensure that every user profits from all advantages such as intuitive gesture control, offline mode and retina pictures.
  • Platform independent development
  • Apps for iOS and Android, Desktop WIN and MAC
  • Intuitive gesture control
  • HiRes image data for Retina-Display

Gesture control for tablets nd smartphones

We develop a fitting gesture control particularly for mobile devices. This is why all content of the App can be reached by typing or swiping with the finger. In doing so the user gains a whole new experience rather than using a website with a mouse or a trackpad.

Platform Independent Development

We are developing our apps so that only in the last step of programming the genes for iOS or Android are implemented. Like this future adjustments are easily possible. These cross-platform apps are available for both tablet and smartphone.

Added Value

All features that create the added value of a webpage are also implemented in our apps. A product catalogue for example is on- and of course offline available. The design of the various functionalities is especially adapted for smartphone and tablet.

Images in a high resolution because of Retina

Pictures can be shown in brilliant quality through high resolution displays. We implement retina images in alll our apps so that all displays of mobile devices are covered. Products or References are much more brilliant on a smartphone or tablet then in a catalogue.