Websites with global presence

No national market is like the other, neither in the product variety nor in other content.
The challenge is to use the common ground and to produce a maximum of individuality for every national market.

Requirements of an international website

Nearly all of our customers are global actors. There are more requirements for an international website than just the language adaption. The global market consists of a huge variety of individual national markets with own characteristics like the language, products and prices.
twocream specialised successfully in the development and the design of websites and further online solutions for global acting companies.

Multilingualism for international websites

Right from the beginning of the development our international websites do have the potential for multilingualism.
And we really mean multilingual, such as Arabic and Chinese, from left to right or from right to left. Of course we adapt the Design for any website with individual language requirements.

Challenges of an international website

International differing product portfolios

National markets differ in many ways. This can be for design or development reasons. However all products are managed at one central point and the information can be used by all countries.
So the responsible person from each country can decide whether a product should be shown on the national website or not.


Will the website be maintained central or local?
This question was answered by our customers a long time ago:
The maintenance of the website is a duty of the countries.
Requirement is a system which can be used intuitive and without complex trainings. We have developed a system which does not only meet those requirements but can also be used international.
Michael GrotheContact for
internat. websitemanagement

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