Our client NMC

NMC is an internationally leading company active in the development, production and marketing of synthetic foams.
NMC offers a high-quality and innovative product portfolio for the interior and facade design, as well as foams in the areas of insulation, industrial packaging and sports/ leisure.
twocream is working for NMC since 2007 and is in charge of the design and development for the national and international internet area.
  • 24 local websites
  • 17 laguages
  • more than 500 products

International websites

twocream designed and developed 24 international websites for NMC. They are used in 17 languages and include a product variety with more than 500 products.

Online product catalogue

For the web product presentation data files are connected to catalogue- and merchandise management systems (e.g. SAP).

The reprocessing of data guarantees a high- performing provision on the website.

So that products can be found easily we include an intelligent search and filter methodology into the website for the product search.