Liteville Relaunch

Bikes of the premium sector by Syntace. In the mountain bike sector is Liteville the criterion for technology and quality.
twocream supports Liteville in the sectors webdesign, web development and classical communication.

Liteville Website
  • Webdesign and development
  • Responsive 
  • 360 degree photography

360 degree photography including a zoom function

You still cannot touch the bikes on the internet, but we have come a bit closer to the perfect product presentation.
We have expanded our photo studio to include the 360 ° technology and since then small and large items rotate in our studio.
The Liteville bikes are put in perspektive, the user can view the bikes from any angle and even larger if necessary.

View example

Whether at home or along the way ...

Flexibility is an important topic in modern webdesign.
Gererally that means adaption to many different user devices.  
Responsive Web design makes it possible:

the website fits to all possible resolutions – on desktops, tablets or smartphones. Whether at home or on the road with your bike. The user experiemces all content on mobile devices in a consistently high quality.