Our client Amefa

Amefa is an international group of companies and a leading provider of table and kitchen ware in Europe.
twocream oversees Amefa in the sectors catalogue (B2B catering) and packaging (B2C retail and discount).
  • Packaging design B2C
  • Catalogue design B2B
  • Product photography

Packaging Retail

Packagings for the sale of Amefa cutlery in retail are as exclusive as the products. Elegant, generous, noble.

Packaging Discount

At the POS every second counts. The packaging design has to attract attention to trigger a sudden urge to buy. The content, the extent and the quality should be caught by the customer within a few minutes. The material, the surface and the construction consider the concrete exposure as special offer.

Licence packaging

Amefa and twocream have a successful cooperation with famous licensors. The themes are used on products, packagings and advertising media.