HALFEN Relaunch

With over 1.100 employees in 15 countries and more than 20.000 products HALFEN is one of the most successful concrete anchoring and fixing systems suppliers in the world. Now the new website has been launched.
The list of requirements was long, but the result shows:
It was worth it. A facelift did nit come into consideration for HALFEN, because requirements and changes were too complex. Therefore, we have built everything new on greenfield.

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  • 3. generation of international websites
  • 22 languages
  • 23 local websites


The most noticeable change in the HALFEN-pages:
They have become considerably more generous because large monitor resolutions provide more usable room. However we have limited the page width to 1024 Pixels in favor of problem-free representation on Tablets.
Moreover the page is perfectly included into the latest Corporate Design by HALFEN.


Easy accessibility of content and good orientation within the page was on top of the HALFEN-specification.
The new navigation allows the user to get to the desired product with just one click, it is similarly pleasant on a tablet via touch gestures.
Generally all control elements of the HALFEN-site consider the use on tablets.
Contact opportunities on all major pages and download offers increase the conversion rate.


If new, then right. Needless to say the new pages are built with the very latest HTML standard and are fully connected to the new CMS enxinia®.

Through the flexible enxinia® template system with its container-block principle, our costumer HALFEN can easily build its own pages and design freely.

The image processing is performed in the enxinia® media management. Here, the editor can simply upload high resolution image data. Clippings and various sizes of the images are created directly in the CMS.

International HALFEN Websites

The international presence of HALFEN consists of a number of country branch pages with customized product programs und further special features.
The national markets by a total of 23 country websites in 22 languages differ not only in the language but also in the product portfolio offered and distribution structures.

The challenges for the country websites are appropriately extensive:
Acpuisition of the contents and requirements from various source systems such as SAP,easiest maintenance of text and image content via a content management system in compliance with the corporate design guidelines, multilingualism also for languages ​​such as Chinese or Arabic.

Development of new websites

HALFEN is able to create new national websites simple and in a short time. Specific trainings for local employees are not necessary. Contents can be constructed and edited easily with the intuitive user guidance of the enxinia® CMS. Editors can use a huge pool of already created websites and functionalites.