Our client JUNG

The company Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG produces and sells electric devices, from light switch to electric building-management systems. JUNG is international well-known and convinces with modern technics, ambitious design and a huge variety of functions.
twocream manages the national and international internet sector for JUNG since 1999.
In this period a network with 14 international websites and 11 languages developed.
  • 3. generation of international websites
  • 2. generation on the basis of CMS-Systems
  • App-Programming

International Websites

JUNG has branch offices all over the world and has established itself as a fixed point in the industry. 
14 countries have an own web presence.
The difference between the national markets is not just the language. They also differ in their product portfolio and sales structure.

For this reason the challenge for country websites is extensive:
Transfer of content and guidelines from various source systems (e.g. SAP), easy maintenance of texts and images with the help of a Content- Management- System, compliance with the Corporate-Designspecifications, mulitilingualism also for Chinese and Arabic languages.

Fast development of new and complex country websites with a minimal amount of operator training

ALBRECHT JUNG GMBH & CO. KG is able to develop new country websites in a very short period of time. Specific trainings for local employees are not necessary. Contents can be constructed and edited easily with the intuitive user guidance of the enxinia® CMS. Editors can use a huge pool of already created websites and functionalites.

Functionalities for the competitive advantage.

Alongside the product presentation and service JUNG websites also offers a huge variety of larger and smaller functions which distinguishes the company from the competition. We selected a few of them.

My electrician

Whether an end user looks for a local electrician or a professional wants to present himself, "Mein-Elektroinstallateur.de" offers optimized functions for target groups.