All content of the GROHE website on your smartphone.

The whole mass in pocket size.
The mobile version of the GROHE website shows selected content of the "standard" website in a resolution optimized for smartphones.
Retrieve product information from the smartphone on the go, is no longer a problem.

Mobile Website GROHE Germany
  • Platform independent
  • All content from the main website available also mobile
  • An adjusted Navigation
  • Minimal maintenance because of automatic reference

No mouse. Gesture control on a smartphone.

You use your finger to navigate on your small smartphone display. Therefore we developed a user guidance for navigations with the finger. Important elements of the GROHE website were adjusted to the lower resolution of a smartphone.

Automatic reference - maintain once for all websites

The mobile website obtains its content from the GROHE website. That means texts and images have to be maintained only once on the main website and are automatically available on the mobile website. 
This automatic reference reduces the amount of maintenance for the mobile version to a minimum.