The App for installer, architects and showrooms.

Moving through the professional GROHE world without the slightest effort is easy with the app developed by twocream.
Can an App do something better than a website? Yes, it can! And we are not talking about profane advantages like the runability without a network connection. We are talking about everything which characterizes the charm of an App regardless of the platform:
Intuitive user guidance, brilliant images because of Retina displays and much more.
App in the AppStore
App in the Google Play Store
  • Intuitive gesture command for tablets
  • Platform independent development
  • On-/ Offline Productcatalog
  • HiRes imagedata for Retina displays

Smart gesture command specially developed for apps

Discover faucets at one sweep, the gesture control on tablets is more playful and intuitive than a mouse or trackpad. The GROHE Professional App uses the full range of gesture control to get to the destination smarter.

Platform independent development

The GROHE Professional App is developed cross-platform. The app gets its genes for iOS or Android in the last stage of development. That minimizes the development costs and future adjustments do not terrify anymore.

On-/ offline product catalogue

The product catalogue in the app contains all products and additional information, such as dimensional drawings and technical product information, that are directly available on a tablet.
The clever search functionality developed by twocream works very fast and presents the right results, also offline.

Images in brilliant resolution due to Retina

A tablet as a complement in the showroom. Product variants and reference images are shown in brilliant quality. The reason for this is the use of high resolution images and the Retina displays of the iPad. You can easily flip through the pages, faster, more brilliant and more convincing than in any catalogue.