Relaunch of the Verseidag website

The name Verseidag stands worldwide for innovative and high quality coated and laminated textiles for use in a variety of application markets, such as architecture, biogas, large format digital printing, interior and exterior sun protection, industry and logistics or automotive.

Technical textiles are industrial products with a significant degree of information. Therefore, structures and data models for the product data had to be created.
In 2020 the website was completely redesigned and rebuilt.

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  • Pimcore CMS
  • Pimcore PIM/MDM
  • Pimcore DAM

Consistently standardized customer experience thanks to Pimcore

Another challenge was the different orientation of the products, their characteristics and fields of application such as industry, architecture and agriculture. The new Verseidag website had to manage the balancing act between information transfer and visual presence, "capturing" the various products in their depth of information.

The future implementation had to meet these two core requirements.

All from one source with Pimcore

Pimcore offers with PIM/MDM and DAM all structured data the ideal home. Pimcore CMS is the perfect way to capture all unstructured data. Thus, the Pimcore product family provides a consistent backend for all editors with a single system, thus significantly increasing the acceptance of the system by all stakeholders.

Thanks to the numerous data fields preconfigured in Pimcore, even complex data models could be implemented quickly and easily and linked to the CMS. The CMS proved to be a perfect complement to the Pimcore PIM/MDM and DAM applications. The result is an excellent user experience for both site users and editors.