Loyalty Program with digital support

GROHE treads new paths with GROHE SMART.
GROHE SMART is the biggest loyalty program in the sanitary industry. In the implementation GROHE relies on comprehensive digital support.
Registration, collecting points, swapping points for rewards - all these things can be done with a smartphone, app & the website.
  • Register online
  • Collecting points with the Smart Reader App
  • Check the account balance on the website
  • Swap points for rewards online

Register online

Taking part in the loyalty program is very simple. Just register online and after a successful activation you are ready to collect points.

Collecting points or rather Smarts

Every GROHE product has an individual UPI-Code. The Code is entered online or in the GROHE Reader App and the points or Smarts are directly credited to the professional.
A loyalty program could not be easier.

Swapping Smarts for rewards online

Smarts can be swapped for rewards online in the GROHE SMART Reward Shop. Number of Smarts, the administration, all processes can be operated on the website.
GROHE Smart offers additional advantages: Members of the loyalty program will be the first to know about new products and get current information about trainings and seminars.