Pimcore: The powerful framework for data management and e-commerce

Pimcore is a multi-award-winning open source platform that combines product information management (PIM/MDM), customer experience management (CMS/UX), digital asset management (MAM/DAM) and eCommerce under one user interface. These applications can also be used individually in conjunction with other systems.

twocream is Pimcore Gold Partner.

Pimcore PIM is currently used by more than 80,000 companies in 56 countries, twocream has successfully implemented Pimcore PIM/MDM at many companies from the most diverse industries.

Pimcore as PIM/MDM

The product informations in ERP systems are incomplete for various reasons. In many companies the ERP system does not allow more detailed information, sometimes it is conceptual reasons to outsource the product information. 

Using Pimcore as a system for product information management and master data management, we enable our customers to manage all their technical and marketing information. Pimcore can integrate, consolidate and manage any type and amount of digital data.
Example: The ERP system manages the article number, EAN code and price for all articles. This article data is exported to Pimcore and extended by product descriptions in several languages, product images and videos. Of course, operating manuals or brochures can also be attached to each individual article as PDF files. 
The management of variants also loses its horror with Pimcore: Data inheritance is a key element of Pimcore PIM data modeling and simplifies all editing processes while increasing quality assurance.

Data modelling

Flexible data modeling is the most important element of Pimcore PIM/MDM. It contains a web-based, graphical interface for data modeling, with which a new data model can be created or extended in just a few minutes.

Data management

The user-friendly and consistent organization, consolidation, classification and translation of comprehensive product information based on a flexible and agile data model is extremely important for Pimcore PIM/MDM.

Integration and delivery of data

The efficient compilation of data from different sources is essential for any master data management strategy. Pimcore offers comprehensive connectivity to any enterprise system such as ERP, CRM, BI, ESB or other applications.

Data Quality & Semantics

Pimcore delivers high-quality, flawless, trusted data with enterprise-class data quality and governance that set high standards.

Workflow management

Pimcore PIM includes a modern workflow module to define business processes and editorial approval processes. This includes concepts such as status, actions, transitions and notifications to create even the most complex workflow scenarios.

Across Integration in Pimcore

Faul und effizient, das geht. Mit Across hat twocream eines der leistungsfähigsten Übersetzungssysteme in Pimcore integriert und erschafft einen perfekten Übersetzungsworkflow. Dabei bewegen sich die Redakteure in dem gewohnten Pimcore Umfeld und verwalten Übersetzungen mit den bekannten Across Vorteilen. Die Integration von Across ermöglicht Ihnen durchgängige Prozesse bei maximaler Konsistenz von multilingualen Daten. Damit integrieren Sie alle Vorteile von Across in Pimcore. Erstellen und pflegen Sie Textinhalte in kürzerer Zeit mit höherer Qualität zu geringeren Kosten.

Pimcore as DAM

Isolated and scattered data with low data quality is often the death blow for digital transformation strategies. With the help of Pimcore DAM (Digital Asset Management) all digital data can be consolidated in any amount in a central location. This central organization increases availability and thus process efficiency.

Advantages of Pimcore DAM: No more scattered data

Pimcore DAM provides all the features needed to consolidate, enhance, translate and manage digital assets. It is the central repository in which all media assets are catalogued, translated, equipped with metadata and finally labelled and made searchable. After these processes, assets are available for delivery around the clock based on specific workflows and user rights.

Pimcore as CMS

The Pimcore CMS (Content Management System) cannot be reduced to a pure CMS. Through the links with the other Pimcore applications PIM/MDM, DAM and E-Commerce, Pimcore CMS becomes a perfect partner in the Pimcore family. During development, the focus was very clearly on the needs of the editors. Several documents and objects can be edited simultaneously in WYSIWYG mode via the multi-tab interface known from other applications. Contents can be adapted playfully via drag-and-drop functions, without long training periods and programming know-how.

Content commerce

Pimcore is the only open source experience management platform that combines content and commerce. With the help of Pimcore CMS we seamlessly combine product and marketing content for our customers. This eliminates complex interfaces and integration projects between CMS, PIM and shop front software.

Single-source and multi-channel publishing

Today, content is used for an enormous number of different digital and analog output channels. Flexible single-source publishing is a key element for the intelligent automation of content management and delivery processes. With Pimcore CMS, our customers can edit, manage and reuse content in all output channels in one place.

Pimcore as e-commerce system

Pimcore is a flexible open source e-commerce framework for creating complex and customized B2C, B2B e-commerce solutions. It is designed for e-commerce challenges that standard out-of-the-box software cannot meet. The framework includes open source components and microservices for frequently required e-commerce functionalities such as product search and filtering, pricing, shopping cart handling and checkout processes.

Product search and filtering

Searching and filtering products is the key to any e-commerce experience. Pimcore E-Commerce offers advanced tools for indexing, listing, searching and filtering product data. Pimcore E-Commerce is natively integrated into Pimcore and accesses the PIM / MDM functionalities for managing product structures with many attributes, complex product relationships and configurable product systems. Pimcore E-Commerce offers several adapters (MySQL, Elastic Search, Factfinder, Findologic,...) for search and filtering, which can be tailored and integrated to specific needs.

Pricing & Availability

Dealing with complex price structures with product-specific price sources, customer-specific prices, large precalculated price matrices and individual price rules is a key aspect of Pimcore's price calculation engine. Pimcore E-Commerce offers a solution for the most complex price challenges in B2B environments.

Shopping carts

Pimcore E-Commerce offers several implementations for the provision of shopping cart functions. Dealing with multiple and client-specific shopping carts with complex pricing and multi-ERP integration shows the true strength of Pimcore E-Commerce.


Pimcore supports flexible and adaptable product promotions: From real-time product promotions, time-based, scheduled promotions to promotions based on ERP data, customer data (such as gender) or current conditions (weather, inventory...).


Pimcore E-Commerce offers framework components for configuring and developing a checkout process that fits 100% to the e-commerce strategy, based on the business model (B2C / B2B). It integrates customer-specific checkout processes, flexible payment integration based on adapters and interfaces to several ERP systems.

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