The fitting content for everyone.

GROHE has a lot of interesting products, but not everyone is interested in everything.
From the luxurious spa product to flushing systems in the public sector: The GROHE product range covers it all and offers content for B2B and B2C costumers.
So that the user easily finds the most interesting products and services for him, GROHE offers different access points for consumers and professionals.
  • Differentiation in B2B and B2C
  • Adjusted product and service portfolio 
  • Adjusted navigation and user guidance
  • Minimized maintenance

Differentiation from the beginning.

The welcome pages for B2B and B2C customers already differ considering the content. The navigation is also adjusted to the user groups. 
The website for end user focuses on inspiration and on the discovery of products. Whereas the website for professionals focuses on an extended variety of products and a fast access to technical information.

End User (B2C website)

The focus for end users is on linking inspiration to GROHE products. Great ambient images invite to discover. 
A comprehensive and simple product presentation informs about the product program. The clever navigation of the website already helps the end user to get a quick and uncomplicated product and style overview.

Professional (B2B website)

B2B customers like sanitary professionals, wholesalers or architects - GROHE offers specific content for every professional with direct entries positioned on the welcome page.
Because of the sophisticated product finder on the GROHE website it is easy to find different products immediately. Professionals also get information about the product availability. With the help of the Specification Tool it is possible to manage whole projects. The website offers a huge amount of important information for all professionals, fast and uncomplicated.

Common content, unique maintenance.

Text and image contents, which are used by both target groups, are maintained only once for B2B and B2C website in a central place of the content management system. That reduces the creation and maintenance effort of the website to a minimum.