Junior Uni Relaunch

The Junior Uni based in Wuppertal is an unique institute for kids and young adults between four and twenty years.
With a total of 42,000 booked course places and 3,600 carried out courses, the Junior Uni made a name as an extracurricular learning place of scientific-practical education.
Twocream is responsible for the relaunch of the Junior Uni Website and for the completely revised registration system. A base were laid for a constantly changing and growing web page.

Junior Uni Website ansehen
  • Totally responsive
  • New Log-In system
  • Integration of all course informations

Extensive course administration

Over 150 courses for four age groups with different information like descriptions, prices, lecturers, appointments and an direct log-in system.

The Junior Uni coursedetail provides all the information the user is looking for.
And the best thing: Nobody needs to search for long for his favorite course.
The new search system will get you to the information in the wink of an eye.

Simply course application

The Application to a course is simply easy, no matter if you are youngster, a parent or a kindergarten teacher.

Twocream integrated a brand new registration system and optimized the existing application process.
If you are interested, you can speed up the application process by a previous registration.
But watch out! The courses are popular!

Optimized content on all devices

From the very first beginning the Junior Uni website got planed and designed for desktop and mobile devices.
Adapted font sizes, sufficient button areas and device dependent images. The feature list is long – User Experience is great!