The twocream inhouse photo studio

Yes, we are doing photography and we are doing so for a good reason. Our photo studio has been set up 10 years ago for product photography for the catalogue production. But it went as always: ambition grabbed us.
In addition to the pure product photography, we now offer the 360 ° photography as a true online highlight.

Sometimes we can be a little special.

Why does an agency set up their own photo studio rather than leaving the work to a photographer?
The answer is specialization, workflow and quality.

We do not photograph everything as we specialised in product photography. And preferably we do not only take one good pictures but many good pictures.

Seamless Workflow
The first challenge we wanted to solve was to find an appropriate workflow for large quantities of product photos. From the delivery of the products by the customer to us as an agency the administrative effort must remain as low as possible: reduce costs, but not at the expense of quality. The production process from the picture to image editing, to image data management, to integration into the media (catalog, e-commerce) to archiving is only efficient in the highest degree without a seam.

Consistent quality
The requirements and the art does not lie in one good photo but in many good photos. For the production of catalogues as well as for e-commerce consistently high quality is our top priority. Even more: The majority of products from our customers come from product families, which may be extended by one or more products months or years later. Example: A cake server is developed for a successful market cutlery series.
As an agency, we make sure that this cake server is photographed in the same perspective, the same lighting and in the same quality as all the existing pieces of the cutlery.

Our highlight – 360 degree photgraphy

Whether it's a mountain bike or the Thermomix by Vorwerk, in our photo studio, all products go round in circles. We integrate the 360° technology in your website and secure high performance. The products can be rotated by the user and viewed from any angle.
If necessary, we build in an additional zoom function. The 360° photos complement your online store and put the products perfectly in perspective.

See the Liteville 360° turn

See the Thermomix 360° Drehung turn

Product photography
sometimes accompanied by ambience.

Continuous shooting for Pro Macchina

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