Shop functionalities complement the product portfolio

You have a website with an existing product catalogue and related product information but still no shop? 
We expand your product portfolio by shop functionalities. This avoids creating a complete new online store with 
high costs, because the corresponding functions are easily integrated into the existing website.

No rebuilding necessary

An online shop can have countless functions in the area of ​​cross-selling, or concerning the check out process. This extent is not needed in each application. Sometimes it makes more sense to take the shop to the 
products than to put the products into a shop. In other words, an existing product catalogue with all existing information and links will be expanded by the necessary functionalities of a shop.

Integration of payment providers

In order to make the entire payment process as comfortable as possible for the user, we can integrate 
multiple payment providers into the shop. Through the use of popular payment providers, the handle for 
sellers and buyers is particularly easy and secure.

Additional advantages at a glance

ERP system

An existing ERP system can be used for the online shop.

Therefor purchase specific information are matched via an interface with the ERP system.

Payment process in the shop

We integrate the complete payment process in the existing 
website and can also integrate multiple payment providers on request. For a high usability the payment process is built as 
simple as possible for the user.
Michael Grothe Contact for e-Commerce integration

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