Acquire and retain customers online

In the digital world it is very important to draw attention to oneself or your company and to ensure customers long-term satisfaction and thus their loyalty. 
The customer life cycle offers an excellent base for a successful communication strategy.

The customer life cycle

01 Reach: Notice me.

In the digital world this means that your company with your products or services generally will be found and noticed. More than 80% of all B2B purchases start with a web search and this is an underestimate value concerning statistical estimations. This perception is not entirely new but it implies a good result in search engines.
Besides other SEO procedure we attend to your content. Google rewards good content and we optimize your content so that it is attractive to the search engines and your customers.

02 Acquire: The introduction.

Your website can be compared to the online face of your company. No other tool represents you, your brand, your products or services more intensive and exciting. Although there is Facebook, Twitter and YouTube: Currently the website is your most powerful sales instrument. So what is more obvious than using this instrument as such.

We help you to develop the content, that is needed by your potential customers. Therefore we tap all data sources (catalog systems, SAP) and provide that information, adjusted and well structured.

03 Convert: The conversion from a prospect to a customer.

In the E-Commerce sector this conversion is relatively simple and easy to prove: If a prospect completes his or her visit on your website with a purchase, he or she becomes a customer.
If there is nothing to buy, it applies to provide a contact form or else to make contact.

In both cases the content plays an important role. The content has to be conclusive and prepared so that no questions arise. Conversion is an obstacle that should be taken voluntarily or because of loyalty.

04 Retain: Successfully binding customers to the company, the brand, 
the products

The customer loyalty does not end but rather start with the first purchase. The internet is the perfect after-sales platform. Tutorials such as installation videos facilitate the handling of the products, a simple spare part or accessories search promotes customer satisfaction and an attached shop provides additional sales. Our solutions help you to increase the satisfaction of your customers, win them and secure a relationship to your company.

05 Loyalty: Promoting customer loyalty with the goal: recommendation.

If the customer is happy he or she recommends your company. Bonus programs are very successful for years and support the recommendations.
GROHE SMART is the biggest bonus program in the industry and twocream is the developer of this project. The program is based on rewarding principles:
For the successful sale of a fitting the seller receives (in this case the installer) points, which he or she can convert into high-quality bonuses. The special feature is that GROHE SMART is a completely digital process with the acquisition of the bonuses in the SMART SHOP on an e-commerce base.

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