The large b2b loyalty program - GROHE SMART

GROHE SMART has not only replaced the existing loyalty program GROHE professional club, it is also the largest loyalty program in the industry.
The basic principle - do something for GROHE and GROHE does something for you - still remains the same, but the implementation of GROHE SMART is completely new. 

The entire workflow is digital: From the registration of members to the collecting of points and the acquisition of the premiums, everything is accessible from the website, the app or the smartphone.

1. Buy products

In Germany GROHE distributes a majority of its products on sanitary retailers.
Meaning, the installer buys the products in the sanitary wholesale and sells them to the customer.

2. QR-Code with extra information

Every product is equipped with a QR-Code ex works. With a label printer each package receives a product label, which also provides the specific QR code for loyalty program. Every QR-Code is unique to be sure that everything is processing correctly, regardless of whether the label is scanned or the code is entered manually via the website.

3. QR-Reader App

The QR code is simply scanned by the installer using his smartphone and the SMART-Reader app. Alternatively, the code can be entered manually via a tablet or the website.

The Smart-Reader app is for free, available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets and and allows a quick and comfortable detection of the purchased product.

4. Capture the QR-Code

The corresponding amount of points (SMARTS) is immediately credited to the SMART account of the installer. Via the login data of the installer, which is also used for the website, all SMARTS are assignment to the appropriate account. If there is no connection to the Internet the device will “remember“ the entire process. Back online it will finish the transaction.

5. Converting points

The installers can go shopping in the GROHE SMART shop with 
their SMART points. 
During checkout there is a direct connection to the SMART account, as the currency is not the euro or dollar store, but SMART.

6. Be happy

The installer gets rewarded for his dedication. The way of the product recommendation to the premium has never been that easy, transparent and immediate.

And not only the installer is happy: The whole process of the loyalty program - from product recommendation to purchase of the premium - works without manpower.

Digital support for the loyalty program

The latest score is always available

The availability of the score on all devices and all additional functionalities make this loyalty program so unique.

Whether via the app on the smartphone or tablet or through 
the website, the SMART-account is available at any time on any device.

Smart reward shop

A loyalty program also includes a shop. All premiums are included in the GROHE SMART shop on the website and sorted by category. The online shop is set up as an e-commerce store, only the currency differs from that of a conventional online store.

The categorization allows filtering on the application or for products that are available for the collected Smarts.

GROHE loyalty program by twocream

Implementation of the digital GROHE partner program.

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