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twocream. creativemedia gmbh

Besenbruchstrasse 15
42285 Wuppertal / Germany

Phone: +49 (0)202 430940
E-Mail: info[at]

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Approach by car

Independent from the direction your are coming from: The A46 is a good choice.
  • Take Exits 35 Wuppertal Barmen and hold right/right lane.
  • Turn right onto Schönebecker road.
  • Keep right to stay on Schönebecker Str. (about 800 m)
  • Turn left onto Rudolfstraße / Loher-straße, over the river, then the 1st right onto Am Brögel
  • Continue on Am Brögel, then turn right, take the bridge over the river.
  • Continue on Hünefeldstraße (about 350 m), after zebra crossing turn left onto Völklinger Straße and take the left lane (one-way)
  • Continue straight at the intersection onto Besenbruchstraße.
  • Drive ahead at the end of the street. At the end you find our agency on the left side. The parking area is in front of it.

Approach by train

The easiest way to travel to us is by the commuter train S8 or a regional train RB 47. Both stop at the near station Unterbahmen and you can easily walk the rest of the distance to twocream.
  • Take the steps up to the bridge.
  • Turn left into Oberbergische Straße.
  • Turn right at Wittensteinstraße.
  • Besenbruchstraße is situated on the left side and reachable by a small stairway.
  • The agency building is directly on the right side of the street.

If you travel with a train, which does not stop at Unterbahmen, just change into the Schwebebahn, as you can see by "Approach by suspension line from Wuppertal Main Station".

Approach by suspension line from Wuppertal Main Station

  • Walk down the station forecourt.
  • On the left side the station „ Döppersberg/Hauptbahnhof“ for the suspension line is situated.
  • Board in direction Oberbarmen.
  • Exit at station „Völklinger Straße“.
  • Leave the station over the stairs and then go left into Völklinger Straße to the next crossing.
  • Cross the street at the pedestrian crossing to the Besenbruchstraße ahead.
  • The agency building is directly on the right side of the street.