twoceam –
The agency for digital communication from Wuppertal.

Online communication since 1997
We are successfully working in the area of online communication for international and local clients for 20 years. Whether multi-lingual, global websites or B2B oriented online services or access to source systems (PIM systems, ERP systems): If it gets really tricky, we start to feel really comfortable.

In the field of e-commerce we provide a lot of experience in multi-channel commerce for the B2B sector in addition to the classic online shop. Furthermore to individual solutions we work with one of the most powerful shop systems that are currently on the market: Shopware. twocream is Shopware Business Partner and Shopware Certified Developer.

Cross-platform app development
App development not only for iOS? We have developed an intelligent cross-platform solution with significantly lower development costs compared to the native programming for example for iOS and Android. twocream develops platform-neutrally with only one code basis with which we create your app cross-platform for the target system iOs or Android and we even support the desktop operating systems (Mac OS X, Windows 7/8).

twocream services at a glance:

• Webdesign and webdevelopment
• Implementation of mobile websites
• Development of modern e-commerce solutions
• Cost-saving app development for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers
• Connection to source and PIM systems
• Interfaces to ERP systems, catalogue systems and SAP
• Special solutions for B2B & B2C
• Photography in our in-house photo studio
Dienstleistungen unserer Werbeagentur im Überblick:

  • Webdesign und Webentwicklung
  • Realisierung mobiler Websites
  • Entwicklung moderner E-Commerce Lösungen
  • Kostensparende App Entwicklung für Smartphones, Tablets und Desktopcomputer

  • Anbindung an Quell- und PIM-Systeme
  • Schnittstellen zu Warenwirtschaftssystemen, Katalogsystemen sowie SAP
  • Spezielle Lösungen für B2B & B2C
  • Fotografie im hauseigenen Fotostudio