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Michael Grothe and Christoph Hakenberg founded the digital agency twocream in 1997. At that time, the economy was still divided about the usability of the then new medium "world wide web", but one did not have to be a prophet to know that the world of communication was fundamentally changing. We did not only want to participate in this, we wanted to accompany this process of change and in some cases even help to shape it.

Opportunities and challenges

Since then, digital technologies have been rapidly changing entire companies and industries, exerting a decisive influence on lifestyles and consumer behavior. Digitisation creates enormous opportunities for companies - until just a few years ago, hardly any medium-sized company had the opportunity to sell its products worldwide. Digitalization is also a major challenge for companies - regardless of the size of the company - because digitization means transformation above all. Transformation of many widely branched and proven processes. 

For more than 20 years we have been supporting medium-sized companies as an innovative partner in this transformation and even today there is no need for a prophet to know: There is still a lot to do and it remains exciting. But we are hungry for the next step.

Michael Grothe
Managing Director

We are specialized generalists

Even though we have conceived, designed and developed a lot in over 20 years: The digital world is already too big to cover all areas, especially with our self-imposed demand for quality. 

Our focus is e-business and website development for the medium-sized industry. As a partner agency we use the software solutions Shopware and Pimcore. Over two decades of experience in the development of interfaces guarantees a clean integration into existing system landscapes.

Christoph Hakenberg
Managing Director

Our services


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twocream is the digital agency from Wuppertal in the west of Germany. We enable the digital transformation in the areas of web and e-commerce. At digital media, twocream is a full service digital agency with the services "Digital Strategy Consulting", "Project Management", "Web & Application Development", "E-Commerce" and "System Integration". twocream is Shopware Solution Partner and Pimcore Gold Partner.