HALFEN mobile website

All important information from the HALFEN webpage on smartphones.
The whole Halfen website on the go - the mobile web has content specifically optimized for mobile devices and an easy-to-use navigation.
Product information with pictures, videos and latest downloads, information on the company and contact to Halfen - all information is available in the mobile version.

View the HALFEN mobile web
  • specially optimized content
  • Smartphone optimized navigation
  • important information available anywhere

Intuitive handling thanks to optimized content

For the desktop, a mouse is used, however, smartphones and tablets can be used much more intuitive with ones fingers.
This is exactly what we have optimized the mobile site of HALFEN for. Large touch surfaces, larger text and a navigation that is adapted to fingers in its user guidance, all that offers the mobile site. A simple, playful gesture control on the smartphone is
now possible.

One maintenance for all devices

No more big maintenance efforts! Everything that is maintained to the main HALFEN website, whether text or image content, is also available on the mobile site. Thanks to the automatic reference, content has to be maintained only once reducing the effort to a minimum.