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The web agency twocream creativemedia has been working in the field of online communication for 20 years. We create websites and custom online solutions for international and local clients, develop apps and e-commerce shops.

Our services include, among others:
Concept, Design, Web Development, E-commerce solutions, cross-platform app development, custom solutions for interfaces to ERP and catalogue systems online and product photography in our inhouse photo studio.



Go-live of the Liteville configurator

Finally the time has come! The Liteville configurator is online and the bikes are just waiting to be configured according to your needs.
Configuring a bike is now easier, faster and more beautiful! It doesn't matter whether it's a factory machine, frame set or tuning parts: simply select the desired model, frame and other accessories and your self-made bike is ready!

The shop was realized by twocream on the basis of Shopware. The alignment with the customer's databases is carried out via an interface created by us.

Pimcore Silver Partnerschaft

Ganz offiziell und ab sofort sind wir Silver Partner von Pimcore.
Aber was oder wer ist Pimcore überhaupt und warum sind wir Silver Partner?

Pimcore ist eine Software für Content Management, digitales Asset Management, Produktinformationsmanagement und E-Commerce.

Damit kann Pimcore ziemlich viel und ist ausgesprochen interessant für die Verwaltung von unterschiedlichen Inhalten.
Darüber hinaus ist Pimcore eine Open Source Lösung und bietet das Maß an Flexibilität, das wir für die Umsetzung unserer Projekte brauchen. Und damit ist Pimcore sehr interessant für uns und natürlich unsere Kunden.

Warum sind wir nun Silver Partner?
Weil wir´s können. OK, das ist vielleicht ein wenig salopp gesagt, denn dafür haben wir uns in den vergangenen Monaten intensiv mit Pimcore beschäftigt, Schulungen besucht, mit den Pimcore-Machern diskutiert und und und.
Am Ende sind wir nicht nur mit der Silver Partnerschaft belohnt worden, sondern haben bereits die ersten Projekte erfolgreich mit Pimcore umgesetzt.

Our New Customer: OnLevel

OnLevel is a specialist for high-quality balustrade profiles in all shapes and sizes, for aesthetically pleasing, safe, tested, certified, highly durable balustrades for living or work spaces.
All their products are designed and engineered in Germany.

We are proud of our new Customer and look forward to working with them, but what we will do are top secret right yet.

Create your own Wera Tool Rebel Logo!

Our new customer Wera designs his products with the requirement to your make life simpler, safer and 'full of joy' for our users.
And with success, because Wera have a rate of complaints is more or less zero and their products get design awards.

With the tool rebel logo generator, which was developed by us, can real tool rebels now create their own, personalized Wera logos by simply entering the name into the input field provided via the website.
This name is placed in a banderole and automatically adjusted in width and height. The special feature is that the name is rendered swinging into the logo. The created logo can then either be downloaded (jpg / pdf) or printed out.

The tool is, of course, fully-responsive and currently available in three languages.
Wera Tool Rebels Generator ansehen

Interesse geweckt, dann schaut doch mal bei in Facebook, auf der Wera Seite vorbei.
Wera in Facebook

NEWMEN Launch 2016

Wir begrüßen unseren Neukunden NEWMEN.
NEWMEN ist Hersteller verschiedener Bikeparts für Mountainbikes und Rennräder. Für die hochwertigen Produkte haben wir eine neue Webseite konzipiert, gestaltet und umgesetzt.

Die Webseite entspricht selbstverständlich dem neuesten Stand der Technik und wurde für alle Endgeräte Full Responsive umgesetzt.

Wir freuen uns sehr über das gelungene Ergebnis und die tolle Zusammenarbeit mit NEWMEN.

Wupperverband Sensor Web Client

Für unseren Neukunden Wupperverband haben wir das Design des Sensor Web Clients neu gestaltet.

Es ist eine komplett überarbeitete Benutzeroberfläche und natürlich ein Full Responsive Design entstanden. Über den Web-Client haben die User Zugriff auf die Karte mit den Daten der verfügbaren Messstationen des Wupperverbandes. Per Mausklick können Messwerte angezeigt und in Diagrammen ausgewertet, miteinander kombiniert oder analysiert werden!

Den Benutzern stehen im Web-Client verschiedene Möglichkeiten zur Verfügung. Zum Beispiel können gesammelte Messwerte als Favorit gespeichert, exportiert und per E-Mail versendet werden.

Der Sensor Web Client ist natürlich für Desktop, Tablet und Smartphones optimiert. Damit sind alle Funktionen jederzeit und überall verfügbar.

Junior Uni Relaunch

Die neue Seite der Junior Uni geht an den Start, mit neuem Design und neuer Technik. Gemeinsam mit dem Team der Junior Uni haben wir viel konzeptionelle Arbeit, Design, Programmierung und vor allem Herzblut in den Relaunch gesteckt. Heute dürfen wir uns über ein rundum gelungenes Ergebnis freuen!

Was sind die Highlights der Seite? Zu viele um alle aufzuzählen! Natürlich ist die Seite Full Responsive und selbstverständlich nach dem aktuellsten Stand der Technik aufgebaut.

Aber wie so oft im Leben schlummern die größten Schätze im verborgenen: Alle Kursdaten werden vollautomatisch aus der Kursverwaltungssoftware Kufer über eine von uns erstellte Schnittstelle eingespeist. Die Studentinnen und Studenten können sich nun online registrieren und für Kurse bewerben. Die Kursbewerbungen werden ebenfalls direkt an die Kursverwaltungssoftware zurück geliefert. So sind die Herzstücke der Seite, die Kurssuche und auch Kursanmeldungen spürbar komfortabler.

Liteville Relaunch

Liteville is known for its quality bikes - thus, a new website fitting to the high-quality bikes could not be missed.

Therefore, we have completely redesigned and restructured the website and also adjusted ist to newest technology.
Now all bikes are represented at their best, glowing on the dark background of the page. Of course the page had to be responsive to guarantee best looks and function on all devices.
We are happy to introduce this new website, which is also running with our custom CMS enxinia®.

twocream meets Junior Uni

We have been runnings preparations for the IHK e-marketingday 2016 for weeks now. Some things have already taken a firm place in our case, other things are still under scrutiny.
We do not want to reveal too much, but we cannot keep the Junior Uni being in the luggage with the relaunch of its website. In addition, representatives of the Junior Uni will present the project.

You can expect a full suitcase with interesting topics.
We look forward to every visitor to our stand!

E-marketingday 2016

Just like 2014 we are going to participate in the e-marketingday Rheinland.

And that means: home match!
In 2016 we are going with a fully packed both, latest topics and the team in towel to the historic town hall in Wuppertal. 
We are looking forward to talking about topics like international 
e-commerce and websites as well as exchanging thoughts with both, customers and participants.

twocream is Shopware Solution Partner

We are shopware partner and certified developer for a long time - now we can also call us solution partner.
What does that means? We have in-depth knowledge in the field of shopware but also collected many years of experience with the implementation of international websites.
With this combination, we can offer customized solutions according to individual requirements and implement the perfect international shop. In short: we know the technology behind shopware and how to adapt it according to special needs.

JUNG QR catalogue app

The entire JUNG Catalogue in your pocket - the app includes the entire product portfolio including technical data, technical specifications and equipment pictures.

Thanks to the built-in QR Code Scanner one can get to the desired product even faster! The scanner was implemented and optimized by us, so high performance is guaranteed even offline. Of course, the app has been implemented cross-platform and equipped with many other features beside the scanner.

360° photography for Vorwerk -
Everything is going round!

Having already turned the noble Liteville MTBs, the new product comes out of the kitchen now: For Vorwerk we were able to photograph the new Thermomix® TM5 in different settings - sometimes with Christmas decoration, sometimes with accessories or sometimes the plain product. The result is impressive!

But not enough: We integrate the 360° technology into the website where the products can be manually rotated and viewed from any angle. In order to be able to put any product in perspective, a zoom function can be installed as needed.

Halfen Katalog App

Whether product details, all catalogues and PDFs - with the HALFEN catalog app that can all be in your pocket!

We have developed the app for smartphone and tablet, of course platform-independent and with retina support.
Even if there is no connection to the Internet, all the information is also available offline.

Download the app right now, or obtain more information on our site:

twocream agency newspaper

The first edition of our twocream agency newspaper is there, brimming with information on our works. the debut issue is all about customer retention and loyalty programs.

Here, the GROHE SMART stands as a customer loyalty program and largest loyalty program in the sanitation sector. The entire workflow has been digitized by us, registry, points collection, or the acquisition of the premium - Everything works through the website or the app.

Didn't have the newspaper in your mailbox? Take a look online or obtain more information about the loyalty program here.

GROHE BestMatch

A faucet without the matching washbasin or vice versa? Unimaginable.
It seems impossible not only to find a functional but also visually appealing combination from almost an infinite number of possible combinations.

Splashing water, little comfort and poor fits are in the past. The GROHE expert team has assembled over 3,500 combinations and self-tested for water flow and comfort. In the following a team of designers has rated each combination, so that high design requirements fit the bathroom.
This has resulted in GROHE BestMatch - the online solution that makes finding the perfect combination of faucet and washbasin child's play.

We have revised the BestMatch page in design and technology for GROHE. A visually appealing design, optimum usability and everything completely responsive. Also, a BestMatch app could not be missed, that we have created in a matching design and cross-platform. Of course the app can be used on smartphones as well as tablets. Whether you start with the selection of the faucet or the washbasin, we guarantee high-performance results on every device!

JUNG Mein Elektroinstallateur

As part of our now more than 15 years of cooperation with the Agency Richter, for the customer JUNG, we completely revised have the platform "Mein Elektroinstallateur".

The site has not only received a modern design, it is also technically up to date. "Mein Elektroinstallateur" is responsive and can thus be used from any device. We also added extensive features such as a smart installer-search or creating your own webcard.

New customer Verseidag

Verseidag is manufacturer of technical textiles for various applications based in the textile city of Krefeld. With Verseidag we got an interesting online project and we look forward to the future cooperation.

New customer Wupperverband

We welcome the Wupperverband as our new customer and look forward to future cooperation!

The Wupperverband founded in 1930, set its goal is to protect the water resources in the 813 km² catchment area of the Wupper and sustainable management.
The best interests of the people plays the most importnat rule in dealing with the vital water resources.
Around 350 employees take care of 12 dams, 11 sewage treatment plants and other facilities, and a total of 2,300 kilometers of rivers and streams.

Our apprenticeship video - 
this is how twocream looks like

twocream appelas not only as an advertising agency, but also demonstrates qualities in front of the camera! Our own first film shows what makes us an agency: Employees who work with heart and soul, a good working environment and well-equipped rooms.

Some working places are not occupied yet and we look forward to qualified workers who complement the twocream team.
But it is best if you watch the film yourself and get convinced of that.

It is getting colourful

twocream is looking forward to working with the junior college.
A beautiful and interesting project for the fledgling 2015, more information will follow soon.
For those who do not know the Junior University:
The Junior University Wuppertal is an educational institution for children, adolescents and young adults. The decor is nationwide with its year-round operation unique and offers courses and seminars in a variety of fields.

Apprenticeship 2015!

Looking for an apprenticeship for 2015?
You have talent and curiosity and want to put your skills to the test? Then apply for an apprenticeship as IT specialist or information technology officer.

The new focus area is online

Whether you are looking for an ecommerce solution, an
app or an international website are - we can help you. Our priorities are versatile and distinguished through many years of experience.
If you are still undecided, can provide an overview about our expertise and directly contact the respective contact person in the focus area.

GROHE SMART Rewardshop

What would a loyalty program be without an online shop, where you can exchange the accumulated points or in this case, SMARTS, for rewards?

For GROHE we have designed and implemented the SMART Reward shop, which is directly connected to the SMART account and fulfillment. The appeal of the shop lies in its intuitive operation and an intelligent filter methodology.

360 Grad Fotografie für Liteville

With our customer Liteville we celebrate the premiere of our first 360 degree product photography. New software, new features
in the photo studio and an advanced know-how has produced an excellent result that one can be proud of.

To the Liteville references
View the 360 degree shot

HALFEN mobile website

For Halfen twocream has optimized the full range of the website for a mobile version and left nothing out: the entire range of products with images, videos and downloads as well as the company and contact page did not miss out.

Perfect coffee available online

For Röststätte we have designed an online store with Shopware that makes it convenient and easy to order your favourite coffee to your home. The shop leaves nothing to be desired, whether multilingualism, numerous payment methods, or simply a clear cart.
Additionally twocream has photographed all products in our in-house photostudio.

HALFEN Relaunch

HALFEN is one of the leading international companies for fastening technology and our loyal customer for any years.

We have relaunched the international websites completely and in doing so no stone remained unturned:
Structure, design, usability, programming, all new.


And with current technology it is even easier to contact.
Call us or write us an e-mail, but most of all we look forward to a personal conversation.
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